Terms and conditions

  1. All our offers, sales and deliveries shall be made against the following conditions. We consider these conditions known and accepted by the buyer, notwithstanding as otherwise provided on the documents by the buyer. All contracts are only governed by Belgian law.
  2. The specifications and price quotations are based on the currently applicable values of wages and materials. If these undergo changes, we reserve the right to adjust the prices in a proportionate manner.
  3. In the event of non-payment on the due date of an invoice, automatically and without notice of default, an interest of 10% per year will be due on the invoice amount.
  4. In case of total or partial non-payment of the debt on the due date the debt balance will automatically and after notice of default be increased by 12%, with a minimum of 50 EUR and a maximum of 2500 EUR, even when granting a grace period.
  5. The seller has the right to suspend deliveries in case of due invoices remaining unpaid. This clause shall also apply in case of agreed spread deliveries.
  6. All shipments shall be made at the risk of the consignee, even when they are done free of charge. Costs for shipping, packaging and all possible fees and taxes shall be borne by the buyer.
  7. All complaints that arise from invoices and/or supplies need to be notified by registered mail to the registered office within 8 days after the invoice date or after the date of delivery. After this period they are considered as being irrevocably late.
  8. All possible disputes that could arise from the invoices or deliveries, will only be settled by the Court of First Instance of West-Flanders department Kortrijk, the Commercial Court of Ghent department Kortrijk or the Peace Court in Izegem. All collection and protest costs shall be borne by the buyer.
  9. Sold goods are not taken back nor exchanged.
  10. Retention of title: the delivered goods shall remain the exclusive property of the seller until full payment of the principal amount, any interests and costs. Nevertheless, all the risks associated with the sold good will transfer to the buyer from the time of delivery.
  11. The delivery time is given only by way of information and one is not in default by the mere expiry of it. The delivery time can never be considered as an express commitment. The exceeding of the delivery period may in no circumstances give rise to the requirements of any damage compensation, the refusal of the goods or the cancellation of the order or breach of contract. Any change which is requested after the order, either under study or in progress, will be the subject to an adjustment of the price and the delivery time, this in relation to the requested change.