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As a Belgian manufacturer, we offer solutions for machine deburring, grinding, rounding and polishing of cut sheet metal parts.
Our machines are developed and built in Kuurne/ Kortrijk, Belgium. We would like to invite you to come and test the machines in our knowledge centre.

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Metal deburring with wide belt grinder

Looking for time-saving and efficient solutions for deburring, grinding, edge rounding and providing your sheet metal and workpieces with a high-quality finish? Do you recognize these challenges? Then you are looking for the right deburring and/or finishing machine!

VG Machines develops and builds finishing and deburring machines in-house in Belgium with a focus on a constant, high-quality finish. These machines are also easy to integrate into various sheet metal processing and metal working companies. We strive for optimal customer satisfaction through short delivery times and a personal (after) service.

Our solution should reduce the required working time, increase the safety of the working environment and effortlessly achieve aesthetic and quality requirements. With a machine from VG you can easily optimize the process of having your products conform to all finishing requirements in a controlled manner with the ultimate goal of creating added value on the machined pieces and cut sheet metal parts.

What is deburring?

If you are in the metalworking business, you are undoubtedly familiar with the annoying burrs caused by various cutting processes such as: laser cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, punching, etc. These burrs or sharp irregularities are not desired and by deburring metal, steel, stainless steel and aluminum, these materials are made smooth again. This process benefits the appearance of the metal as well as the safety and further treatment such as powder coating.

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Why buy a deburring machine?

Processing steps that used to be carried out manually can be done with a deburring machine mechanically, automatically and in large numbers. The result is significantly higher productivity combined with consistently high processing quality and lower costs. A deburring machine is therefore an investment that will pay for itself in no time!

Are you ready to deburr by machine? So are we!

We help you choose the right deburring machine and grinding tools, and determine the correct process parameters and aggregates. This way you can be sure that your deburring machine will deliver the ideal processing results!

Are you curious about all the possibilities of our deburring machines? Discover our full product range and all the information you need.