When you process parts by different cutting methods like laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet, punching or shearing you will get burrs.

These burrs or sharp edges are not wanted.

Taking away the burrs and radiussing the edges makes your component or parts safer (not cutting), better paint coverage, better fit, etc. To deburr, fast, safe and perfect. This for all kind of materials like stainless steel, aluminium, steel.

All the machine solutions are made along our core values, low operate cost, high speed, easy to use, high finition level.

Finishing - straight grain finish

Finishing, graining is accomplished by using an abrasive belt.

Depending on the type of material and finish it may require brush heads.

A smooth finish can be achieved by building up different steps in the process. Using different grinding belt and/or brushes. On the VG machines we can use also SB belts or brushes.

Edge rounding

At VG edge rounding is braking the edge of a metal part. The created radius is uniformly. We do this on the outer contour and inner contour. The size of the radius can be adjusted in the machine.

At VG we have machines where we can deburr and finish the edge in a single pass.

Laser oxide removal

Oxide skin usually occurs after plasma cutting or laser cutting with oxygen. We can remove the skin by using the right grinding tools, brushes and part fixation system. (mostly a magnet)

Heavy slag removal

Slag is produced during oxy-fuel or plasma cutting operations. These cutting methods are mostly used to cut thick steel. With pin brushes we remove as much slag as possible. What remains we remove with a grinding belt. Small parts can be held by a magnetic table.


After grinding with finer grits we can use different polishing mops to bring the surface to a high gloss finish. With the LS series, VG has made a manual machine for larger surfaces. An ergonomic and safe way to operate the machine.

Controlled roughness

By using different types of grinding belts we can achieve a controlled roughness. The disered Ra value depends on the application for example prepare the surface paint adhesion or micro-inch finish etc.

Dust extraction

VG is a pioneer of the 100% wet dust collector.

Some reasons why a good wet dust collector is important:

  • If you want a good functioning deburr,
    edge rounding, wide belt grinding machine
  • If you want a clean work environment
  • If you want a healty work environment
  • If you want a safe work environment

Collect the dust by separating grinding dust out of the air flow.

VG has a wet dust collection system for every machine.

The dust is drawn through a sump of water.

We eliminatie all fire hazards.

We also supply wet dust collectors for other brands
of grinding machines.