VG Machines

At VG Machines we develop, build and sell machines for deburring, grinding, edge rounding, finishing and polishing work of your metal parts.

In our department wood and composites we manufacture sanding, brushing and aging machines.

Our third segment is the development and construction of filter installations for the extraction of metal dust.

We are proud to build a Belgian quality product. We have our machines ready for demo.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our knowledge center to learn you the process of deburring, grinding and edge rounding.


VG machines originated from the well-known ‘Vangroenweghe’.

In the fifties the company Vangroenweghe was the pioneer in the field of sanding machines for woodworking in Europe. Our department ‘Wood and composites’ is still an important devision in our company. (

In 2015 the company Vangroenweghe has been taken over. The acquirers can look back on many years of experience in the construction of machines as well as the sale of industrial machines. The daily management is in hands of Dieter Dendauw.

‘Vangroenweghe‘ has become VG machines. Actually VG was always the export name for Vangroenweghe.

In the year 1995 ‘Vangroenweghe’ started the construction of grinding machines for deburring and finishing of metal. VG continued developping and growing. Deburring, grinding and edge rounding became our speciality in the metal sheet working.

Vision & mission

The finishing requirements on cut sheet material are constantly increasing. At VG we want to make machines that achieve a constant, high level finishing degree on cutted sheet parts against an acceptable cost. A machine that is easy to integrate in a plate processing and/or metalworking company.

We want to serve the market optimally with qualitative deburring, edge rounding, grinding machines with which the customer can create an added value on cut sheet parts. Listen to the needs of the plate processing industry, machine builders and provide solutions.

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