Edge Cell series TS 1060 - 1330

All-in-one Multi Brush Machine

  • Edge rounding
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Heavy slag removal
  • Finishing - straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Deburring
Deliver top quality products. Deburring, rounding and finishing of sheet metal parts in 1 machine feed. Available in different configurations. Meet the EDGE CELL series from VG.


Aware that different applications require different approaches, we at VG developed this versatile deburring machine. The Edge Cell series is specifically designed to finish flat sheet metal parts up to 1330 mm wide with high precision and speed. Use time and energy efficiently and reduce multiple applications to a single process. In the most advanced version, deburring, edge rounding, laser oxide removal and finishing in one pass are no problem!

Which operations?

The deburring solution for any application. Literally. The Edge Cell is ideally suited for:

  • Removing metal slag
  • Even deburring
  • Edge breaking and rounding
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Surface finishing


The modular design of the Edge Cell range makes it easy to combine different operations in the same machine cabinet.

The abrasive belt (K)

The Edge Cell series is available in two different belt widths: 1060 and 1330 mm. The grinding unit is standard equipped with an electronic-pneumatic oscillation system, which ensures that the grinding belt remains stable. Thanks to the specially heavy-duty unit, removing a large vertical burr is no problem at all. Perfect and even deburring and even applying a finish is done quickly and without problems. Every grinding belt specification has its own grinding belt thickness. Therefore, the contact roller can be adjusted higher or lower depending on the grinding belt.

The top brush System (4PTB)

The brush unit of the Edge Cell is equipped with 4 oscillating top brushes. 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise rotating brushes. The crosswise rotating brushes are each individually height adjustable. The brush head oscillates with an adjustable stroke over the entire width of the conveyor belt. The stroke setting can be short or long. The correct combination of feed rate, brush speed and oscillation ensures that the cut edges are rounded off evenly. The brushes are intuitive and easy to change and set individually. Combinations of different brush types on 1 line can significantly shorten the production process.

Cylindrical brush

This is primarily a finishing aggregate. The brush can be used with or without oscillation. The oscillation produces a short, tight scratch. The edges can also be slightly broken. Without the use of oscillation, a longer line finish is obtained (hairline finish).

The conveyor belt

The Edge Cell is equipped with a 1060 or 1330 mm wide spark- and oil-resistant feed belt with a strong anti-slip feature. The frequency-controlled conveyor is equipped with a vacuum table or a magnetic track. Ideal for the fixation of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal. In this way, even smaller parts can be held securely.