How to access the VG Dealer Portal

Make a difference in metalworking with our VG Dealer Portal! We have created this portal through a user-friendly Ms SharePoint. So, easily accessible for everyone! To help you further to get access to the VG Dealer Portal, I am happy to explain it to you.

First of all, you received a separate email where our SharePoint was shared with you. To get full access you will need to confirm your invitation via this email. You can do this through the following steps:


1 – Click on the link: “go to Dealer Portal”, which you have received by email.



2 – To accept the invitation, sign in with a Microsoft account. This is the account you use for your Microsoft services such as: Onedrive, Outlook, MS Teams, Office …



3 – Welcome! You are now officially a member of our Dealer Portal and can take full advantage of our additional services. Our marketing responsible Victor is happy to help and support you in your sales process. Do not hesitate to contact him.



!! Note: If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can easily create one for free.

Afterwards it can happen that we have to send the invitation for the Dealer Portal again. In this case, please contact our marketing responsible Victor. He will be happy to help you.

Get started!

What can you do with it? The VG Dealer Portal serves as a plaftorm to provide you, as dealer of VG Machines, with all necessary information, documents and content that can be useful during your sales process. This means that this plaform will keep growing in the course of time. In addition, we will communicate as much as possible via the platform, so that you will not miss any extra news or announcements! So it is definitely recommended to follow our sharepoint.

The Dealer Portal is self-explanatory. But to get you started, we have the following introduction video: