T 650 – 300

Turbogrinder Classic

  • Finishing - straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Deburring
Turbogrinder Classic 650 and Classic 300: this robust build machine series is extremely suitable for  the removal of very heavy burrs, surface grinding and finish grinding. Suitable for processing: stainless, mild steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc. Non metal materials like composites, synthetic and other can be processed.


The grinding belt width is 650 mm or 300 mm. The tracking or oscillation of the belt is electro/pneumatic controlled. The grinding belt can be changed quickly and easily. This makes it very convenied to change from a deburring belt to a finishing belt.

The contact roller is available in 2 hardnesses. With a softer contact roller we can softly brake the edges with or witout surface grinding.


  • Grinding
  • Graining flat work
  • Deburring
  • Roughning

Barrel brush

On the last position in the machine configuration we can have a barrel brush. As a brush we can use a non woven abrasive brush. Also known under the trad name scotch-brite or falcon brite. With the brush we get a nice and smooth finish.

The conveyor belt

We have 2 types of conveyor belts.

The flat type and the one with a structured top layer.

Both are spark and oil resistant.

The flat belt we use most for thin parts. The belt with the structured top layer ensures a very good grip on the part. This belt is mostly used for thick parts, rectangular or square tubes.