• Edge rounding
  • Heavy slag removal
Metal slag removal, deburring and edge rounding of sheet metal parts in 1 machine feed! Meet the SLK series from VG.


The SLK is specially designed to remove heavy slag on plasma and flame-cut metal sheets with high precision and speed. As standard, the machine is equipped with a TopBrush aggregate with a single row of slag brushes and a grinding belt aggregate. Optionally, the SLK can be further enhanced with an additional TopBrush aggregate with double row of brushes behind the grinding belt, allowing to break edges and create an even radius.

Automatic brush measurement

If the machine is equipped with the Advanced Control system with automatic brush measurement, it detects brush wear on-the-fly and automatically adjusts it if necessary. This ensures consistent performance and minimises downtime.


Each version of the SLK machine is equipped with a TopBrush aggregate, where two oscillating slag hammer brushes ensure fast removal of even the most stubborn metal slag.

For those who need even more versatility and precision, the DS Cell 3 version offers a third machining station with a more advanced TopBrush system (4PTB). This aggregate features four oscillating top brushes, including two clockwise and two counterclockwise brushes, which can be used to break the edges and apply an equal radius.

The grinding belt (K)

The grinding aggregate features an electronic-pneumatic oscillation system as standard, which ensures stable sanding belt performance even during intensive use. Thanks to the robust design of the aggregate, vertical burrs and smaller slag residues are removed quickly and effortlessly.

Touchscreen control

With the SLK machine’s user-friendly touchscreen, you can easily save different deburring programmes and adapt them to your specific needs. The diagnostics page provides a clear overview, so you are always in control of the process.

Conveyor belt

Equipped with a spark- and oil-resistant conveyor with a strong anti-slip feature. The frequency-controlled conveyor can be equipped with either a vacuum table as well as a magnetic track, allowing both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal to be kept stable.