ROTOR series

360° Multi-Rotating Brush Machine

  • Edge rounding
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Finishing - straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Polishing
  • Deburring
Regardless of your needs and preferences, the ROTOR series offers the most problem-solving performance and flexibility. The guaranteed top quality makes this robust machine the optimal solution for uniform deburring, edge rounding and finishing of your products. Trust in premium quality, service and innovation.

Universally applicable

Be convinced of the efficiency and precision you can achieve thanks to the versatility of the ROTOR. With a single-sided, dry process, burrs and oxides can be removed and a large rounding of edges applied. This is achieved through the integration of a 360° multi-rotating brush unit. Four uniformly rotating brushes effortlessly reach the inner and outer contours and also ensure a perfectly even rounding. This deburring machine is also equipped with two additional sanding belt aggregates for flawless removal of larger burrs and applying a perfect finish.

Because of its versatility, this all-in-one deburring machine is universally applicable for processing both thin and thicker sheets. Moreover, finishing a surface with the ROTOR is an absolute breeze!


Our deburring machines excel with their outstanding performance and robust modern design. And the ROTOR series is no different! In the development, the key words were “essence and efficiency“, resulting in maximum flexibility and ease of use! The ROTOR was therefore designed to cope with different production applications in one machine. With a throughput of 1060 mm, both small workpieces and large sheet material can be processed.

Optimal accessibility makes it possible to quickly change the equipment, clean and maintain it. Windows in the machine doors make it easy to monitor the process. This ergonomic machine also offers the possibility of automation and integration into production lines.

Which operations?

The ROTOR has been specially developed to unite various metalworking operations in one machine, namely:

  • Pre-grinding, Deburring, Edge rounding, Finishing and Oxide skin removal.

These operations can be carried out in a single pass! This will save you a lot of time and money.

The machine is suitable for machining stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts and even 3D and milled parts. Workable materials include:

  • stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, laser foil products and galvanised metals.

The control unit

Simple yet intelligent! These are the characteristics of the ROTOR series. The flexibility and simplicity of the machine are also reflected in its controls. In the design, our focus was on the ease of use and comfort of the operator. This is achieved by integrating an intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen that allows the operator to quickly and effortlessly adjust the machine.

Individually adjustable parameters ensure optimal results. The individually controllable units ensure flexibility and energy efficiency.

Thanks to the program memory (recipes), it is possible to save machine settings and reproduce the results. With a single click, your tools are automatically positioned!

Rotor unit

The sophisticated design of the 360° multi-rotating brush unit ensures uniform machining over the entire width of the conveyor table.
Four brushes rotate integrally around a horizontal and vertical axis over the conveyor belt, so that all sides of the workpiece are treated with exactly the same intensity and 100% uniformity is guaranteed. Maximum contact with the workpieces ensures a perfectly even finish.
Due to the flexibility, even workpieces with different thicknesses can be processed in the same pass. This without any loss of quality! Furthermore, the brushes are also capable of processing galvanised and foil-coated sheets without damaging the zinc layer or the foil. They are even suitable for machining parts with screw holes, relief printing or small bends.
Thanks to the optimal accessibility, tool changes are quick and easy. Our large selection of tools also ensures maximum flexibility.

The grinding belt units

The ROTOR series is equipped with two grinding belt units. One at the beginning of the throughput to remove the rougher burrs and another at the back to apply a surface finish. Both grinding units are standard equipped with an electronic-pneumatic oscillation system. This ensures optimal stability of the grinding belt. The easy accessibility and the integrated quick clamping system ensure fast tool changes and short changeover times. Thanks to the specially designed heavy-duty modules, these units offer very good stability and allow you to carry out deburring and finishing work safely and efficiently.
Depending on the material to be processed and the nature of the burrs, different abrasive belts can be used. Depending on the different belt specifications, we also have different thicknesses of belts. The contact roller can be set higher or lower depending on the belt thickness. A sufficiently powerful and well-dimensioned sanding unit is the key to success!

Conveyor belt

The ROTOR series is equipped with a 1060 mm wide feed belt with a strong anti-slip feature. This enhances the grip between the belt and the workpiece. Together with absolute running stability, it offers high precision in guiding and processing your workpieces.

The unique composition of the component makes the conveyor belt not only spark- and oil-resistant but also highly abrasion-resistant. A long service life is thus guaranteed, even in heavy deburring work!

The belt is frequency-controlled and can handle a throughput of 0.5 to 6 m/min. This high throughput ensures a considerable increase in productivity.

Vacuum integration

Using a standard vacuum table, even small parts (from 50 mm) and light sheet metal can be processed flawlessly. Thanks to our highly reliable vacuum technology, you can more efficiently clamp unstable sheet metal or elastic materials flat on the table. As a result, the sheet metal does not shift or deform during deburring and finishing.