Pro Feed

  • Transport
This stand-alone infeed/outfeed table facilitates the loading and unloading of larger, longer or heavier pieces, making your production process seamless. In addition, this table is ergonomically friendly.

Height adjustable

The feed-through table can be easily adjusted in height to be perfectly aligned with the deburring machine. This feature makes it possible to adjust the table to the thickness of the workpiece you want to feed.


Thanks to the very powerful conveyor, it is even possible to feed heavy parts in or out. For example, you can place a heavy part on the table using a lifting device and feed it through the machine via the conveyor belt without physical strain on your operators.

Seamless integration

Place the Pro Feed in front of or behind our Edge Cell and Master machines to create a seamless and automated material flow. The Pro Feed is specially designed to work together with our machines. Which makes it more efficient and ergonomic.


With its own control buttons, the Pro Feed has complete control over the input and output of materials.

Robust construction

Built with durability in mind, the Pro Feed is designed to provide long-term performance and meet the demands of intensive production environments.

Technical data

  • Speed: 0.6 – 6m/min
  • Max load capacity: 200kg
  • Feed belt dimensions: 1060 / 1330 x 1000
  • Installation dimensions: 1330 x 1510 x 1160 (max height)