Product launch: the Edge Master

The ultimate solution for rounding sharp edges of sheet metal with high precision and speed. With its unique features, this machine offers unmatched performance and versatility.

The 1060 mm working width allows you to efficiently machine large sheet metal parts. With a speed of 4 m/min, you can effortlessly round sharp edges without compromising on quality.

What really sets The Edge Master apart is its ability to perform several operations in one pass. With this system, you can deburr, round off, remove oxide and remove metal slag, all at the same time. The top brush system offers flexibility as different brushes can be mounted. You can even fit two different brushes in one assembly, for example an oxide removal brush and an edge rounding brush. The height of each brush is adjustable and the brush speed per row is adjustable. Even hard, large burrs can be easily removed thanks to the sanding belt.

With The Edge Master, you can achieve a large radius thanks to its stable construction, resulting in perfectly rounded sheet metal edges.

The sanding belt assembly of this machine is truly unique. It allows targeted sanding on hard burrs without damaging the surface of the workpiece too much. The precisely adjustable depth allows you to control the pressure on the workpiece down to a hundredth of a millimetre. The quick and easy exchange of brushes and sanding belt makes using The Edge Master very efficient and operator-friendly.

Operation of this machine is intuitive and easy via the touchscreen. Moreover, you can save preset programmes, allowing you to quickly switch between different operations and workpieces.

The Edge Master is the perfect choice for anyone looking for precision, speed and versatility when rounding sharp edges of sheet metal work. Discover the benefits of this revolutionary machine today!

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