deburring in sheet metal working

Why is deburring important in sheet metal working?

No matter what industry you are in, accuracy is important! It is therefore crucial to machine your products with reliable machinery in order to obtain a standardised, high-quality finish! Let's take a look at the benefits of metal deburring and why it is better to choose a machine-based solution.

What is deburring?

Why is metal deburring so important? The answer is simple: deburring metal ensures a high quality finish by removing sharp, dangerous burrs and provides an even, smooth edge to your product. Sheet metal and other metal workpieces without burrs and sharp edges also lead to safer handling and a better workflow for your metalworkers. And besides, your products simply look more professional after deburring!

Why is deburring important in metalworking?

Both cold and hot metal working cause burrs and for projects that require incredible precision and attention to detail, every burr can cause serious and dangerous situations! Both for the end user as for the installation in which they are mounted. For example, in the food industry, small pieces of metal that flake off can get into the product and cause a major health risk. The same applies in the hospitality industry; kitchen equipment and appliances should have smooth surfaces and broken edges to avoid injuries and guarantee a hygienic working environment.

By providing your metal with smooth edges and surfaces, you can avoid injuries to both your employees and your end customers. Whether it concerns finished products such as interior parts, furniture, railings, stairs ... or a product that requires further processing or assembly, rough edges and burrs can always cause serious injuries! A deburred product is of a higher quality and looks more professional. Deburring is therefore often a service that must be included nowadays, simply because the customer demands it.

Furthermore, there are many advantages to machine deburring such as: multiple profits, higher product value, better competitiveness and less risk. It goes without saying that machine deburring of your metals is very time-saving, which means that the working hours and the related costs are significantly reduced. This can result in multiple profits on your finished product as well as within your production process. A perfectly finished product will also deliver a higher value position in the market. By reducing costs and increasing the product value, you and your product will achieve a stronger competitive position! With a deburring machine from VG, you focus on efficiency as well as safety. Because in contrast to the single-belt machines that used to be the standard, modern automated deburring machines smooth both the surfaces and the edges. Many companies still work manually or use an outdated single-belt machine to grind surfaces, remove burrs and create a line finish. However, this can result in a horizontal burr or a sharp 90-degree edge. Something that is a potential risk today! In contrary, modern deburring systems significantly reduce this potential liability by completely removing burrs from both the surface and the inner and outer edges. In essence, they help to produce parts that must be safe, aesthetically pleasing and ready for fast further processing (or assembling).

Why choose deburring?

  • Safety
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Extra product value
  • Better competitiveness
  • Better adhesion of coatings
  • Better suitability for downstream processing
  • Fulfil production requirements

Speed up the production process

Deburring machines help to speed up the production process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. The advantage of automated deburring is that a deburring machine helps to standardise the size, shape and degree of perfection of the parts. Because when a person performs the deburring manually, the results can be slightly different each time. With a machine, each part is finished exactly the same, so it is guaranteed to work well for its intended applications.

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Deburring and edge rounding for better coating

Rounded edges, up to a 2 mm radius, are increasingly becoming the standard when delivering a finished product. This has everything to do with the adhesion of a possible coating. On rounded or broken edges, coatings such as varnish, paint and even powder coating adhere better. This way, you avoid crack formation on the edges and as a result also rust formation. By rounding off the edges, the thickness of the coating there is equal to that of the rest of the surface. This is mainly due to the surface enlargement of the edges and corners obtained by edge rounding. Deburring with rotating brushes is therefore often applied as a pre-step before further surface treatment such as powder coating.

Improving safety

If your project requires a type of material that leaves sharp edges after cutting, you will need to go through a deburring process. As we mentioned earlier, a deburring machine helps smooth out the sharp edges of a cut sheet metal part, also known as edge breaking. Deburring eliminates these sharp edges so that the worker can easily handle the material without the possibility of cutting or injuring himself. A deburring machine is therefore essential in providing safety for your workers and consumers.

In addition, a deburring machine also helps to maintain the safety and correct operation of other important machines. Metals should be de-burred before proceeding to the next processing step. Otherwise, the sharp edges can become jammed and/or damage various machine parts.

Deburring solution

If you are looking for deburring solutions with an optimal finish quality, refined results and versatile applications, then a VG Machine is your answer. Our price-quality deburring and finishing machines use an ingenious design and quality components to meet your specific needs. VG Machines offers incredible support for metalworkers who want to increase their efficiency when completely deburring workpieces and provide their product with a quality finish. We are your partner in finding the right machine!

Our suggestion

TS Edge Cell series, this machine uses a multi-directional top brush system, which deburrs, rounds and finishes the razor sharp edges of the parts evenly in one pass, saving valuable time and money in the process.


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