Torfs-Leon injects quality thanks to delivery of VG deburring machine through partner De Tollenaere


Construction company Torfs-Leon from Sint-Katelijne-Waver, specialised in the production of transport systems within the food and pharmaceutical industries, needed a more efficient solution for deburring their lasered sheet metal. Before, the deburring of their stainless steel workpieces was all done manually. A very time-consuming job. A good reason to invest in a more innovative and cost-saving deburring solution!


More efficient production

When exploring the market for de-burring machines, they ended up at De Tollenaere, which distributes the products of VG Machines, among others. They quickly recommended the all-in-one TS 1060 from the Edge Cell Series because of its robustness and the excellent price-quality ratio in comparison to the other options. The sander with a feed belt width of 1060 mm is positioned right next to the laser cutting machine so that the workpieces can be placed directly on the feed belt. The sheet material first passes a rough vertical grinding belt for the removal of rougher burrs and is then finished off evenly by 4 precision top brushes that rotate in a crosswise and oscillating motion. All this in a single pass! In order to guarantee a clean and fireproof working environment, we chose the Mistral Aqua A300 5.5, which provides constant extraction of the burrs. Furthermore, the simple operation, the speed of the conveyor belt and the grain size of the abrasives belts and deburring brushes ensure a perfectly even finish in a fast and constant way.


"Time savings, higher quality and a stronger competitive position"


Multiple profits

The concrete benefits of the Egde Cell Plus from VG Machines are mainly in the time savings, and therefore cost savings, and the uniform quality of the finish, compared to the situation before. Also, the technicians who used to deburr the sheet metal manually and apply a finish can now put their skills to better use. This multiple profit undoubtedly justifies the purchase of the deburring machine! In fact: "This investment was not so much at the request of our customers, but the higher level of finishing also strengthens our competitive position. So this can help us win future projects", Torfs concludes.

Torfs-Leon opted to switch from manual to machine deburring and has since experienced nothing but benefits. As a manufacturer, we are proud to have been part of this and to be a partner in optimising their production process. Torfs-Leon not only chose innovation within its sector, but also opted for Belgian top quality in which trust and after-sales service are central! With VG Machines, Torfs-Leon is assured of good follow-up and fast support for maintenance and supply of consumables and replacement parts.



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