VG Machines in the trade press

Multi-purpose deburring machines

With the help of our Dutch distributor Summa Surface, we obtained several renowned trade magazines with our new TS product line. And we are quite proud of that! The new TS machine fulfils the need in the market for flexible de-burring machines that can be used to automate various finishing processes, such as deburring, belt sanding, grinding, edge rounding, slag removal, brushing and finishing. And we are quite proud of that!

Thijs Carlier of Summa Surface explains: "We see that companies want a multi-purpose machine. A machine that removes metal slag after plasma or autogenous cutting, but that also removes hard starting points from fibre laser cutting and burrs. In addition, an attractive radius must be applied to the cutting edges. With the modular TS machine, we can serve these customers perfectly."

The TS series, available in 1,060mm or 1,330mm pass widths, is a compact modular machine that is used when machining sheet metal parts after laser cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting, milling or punching.

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