Grinding discs and abrasive brushes

Different types of grinding discs and abrasive brushes

To handle the Disc Arm Grinder 2.0our manually operated, semi-automatic, mobile table-top machinesmoothly and efficiently, you will need to have the required abrasive discs. As standard, this mobile deburring machine already comes with a Lamella flap disc and Velcro-backed disc holder with 10 matching P100 grinding discs. However, if you want to obtain more refined results or simply want to use the DAG for multiple applications, we recommend you to choose the additional Starter Set Plus or our other premium deburring discs. Because this semi-automatic deburring table has frequently more to offer than you might think! It is precisely this versatility that makes this machine so flexible for deburring, rounding, polishing or removing metal slag and laser oxide.

Starter Set Plus

This very comprehensive deburring and grinding set is suitable for processing and finishing various surfaces. On the one side, you can deburr and break or round off sharp edges with 3 different top brushes, each with their own unique application. On the other side — and you can take this literally — you can grind or polish with flat discs. By means of the efficiently working Velcro disc, you determine which grit to use. The set contains various pads for removing primary burrs as well as two different types of Scotch-Brite discs that are perfect for giving your metal workpiece the exquisite finish! With the 180-degree rotation axis, switching between different processing options can be done in a snap. All types of sandpaper fit on the Velcro-backed discs, which means the possibilities are endless: from rough deburring to obtaining a high-gloss finish.

Scotch Brite - Flap brush - sanding disc - Starter Set Plus VG Machines

The Starter Set Plus consists of:

  • 1 x Grey Lamella brush, suitable for aluminium.
  • 1 x Brown Lamella brush, suitable for steel.
  • 1 x Blue Lamella brush, suitable for stainless steel.
  • 1 x Velcro grinding disc holder
  • 10 x Grinding pad P80
  • 10 x Grinding pad P100
  • 2 x Scotch-Brite P180
  • 2 x Scotch-Brite P280

Deburring, edge breaking and rounding of edges is done with the flexible Lamella flap brushes, due to their great adaptability to both internal and external contours, burrs, boreholes and cut-outs, no job is too tough for them! The three included flap brushes have their own material specifications; as well as for aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Lamella brush set

Grey - Aluminium

Aluminium and plastics

The filler material with silicon carbide grain ensures a very good rounding of edges, especially for aluminium and plastic parts.The surface of the workpieces is equally provided with a glossy finish due to the high cutting ability of the silicon carbide.

Brown - Steel

The all-rounder

With the standard filler material, you can utilize this tool for numerous types of sheet metal - even with a varying workpiece spectrum. In our opinion, it is ideal for working on steel sheets.

Blue - Stainless steel

Rounding edges

This premium abrasive brush is ideally suited for long term machining of more hardened steels and offers the excellent solution for deburring sheet metal where a stronger edge rounding is required The blue hard abrasive cloth presses the zirconia aluminia very strongly against the edges to be deburred. This leads to a more impressive radius of the edges. Because of the self-sharpening effect of the zirconia aluminia combined with the high hardness and sharpness of the abrasive grain, this tool achieves high removal rates and a long service life, especially on resistant and tough materials like stainless steel.

Close up - lamellar brush - grinding head

Deslagging brush

In oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, the material usually melts strongly and these melted remnants form slag at the cut edges. The so-called slag, on both the internal and external contours of the workpiece, needs to be removed before the part can be further processed. The most economical solution for removing these unwanted residues is to use a deslagging brush, which consists of many flexibly positioned pins and saves you many time and money. With a significant number of flexibly mounted pins, slag accumulations at the edges can be easily removed. The slag removal brush has a diameter of 150 mm, an intake of 25 mm and is suitable for the removal of stubborn slag residues.

Deslagging brush - removing slag

Oxide brush

Oxide layers are formed on the edges of parts that have been cut with oxygen. This is because the material has reacted with oxygen. The removal of these laser oxides is of vital importance in downstream processes, as they can lead, for example, to adhesion risks or to the coating peeling off. Our brushes are the solution for laser oxide removal and ensure smooth and clean surfaces and cutting edges! This is due to the specially developed wires, positioned in an innovative multi-row structure that flexibly follows the contours of the part. The construction enables optimal oxide removal and guarantees metal-clear cutting edges with a long service life!

oxide removal abrasive disc

Lamella flap brush King (Heay Duty)

Our Lamella King Flap Brush is ideal for more aggressive deburring work, and is perfect for removing tough burrs and giving harder sheet metal a large radius. The high abrasive density combined with the extreme flexibility of the abrasive surface is made possible by the new arrangement and gap structure of the flaps. The zirconia aluminia abrasive fleece has a higher removal rate compared to the standard abrasive fleece. This leads to a strong rounding of the edges!

Lamella brush King Heavy Duty

3D flap brush

Manual deburring and edge breaking of non-flat and 3D parts remains a futile task. It is also simply unpossible to do it mechanically using regular grinding discs and brushes. Fortunately, VG Machines has a deburring solution for every potential problem! Our 3D flap brushes carefully remove these burrs and round off sharp edges on any workpiece with a large embossment. Great for grinding, corrosion removal or machining of stainless steel, metal or aluminium. The innovative solution for properly finishing metal workpieces with a large relief difference. Also called 3D-parts.

3D flap brush


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