TS 1060 -1330

  • Edge rounding
  • Laser oxide removal
  • Heavy slag removal
  • Deburring
  • Controlled roughness
  • Polishing
  • Finishing - straight grain finish
  • Dust extraction
The wider version of the de-burring and surface finishing machines is available in various configurations such as de-burring, edge rounding of finishing machines. A combination of these applications is also possible. It is even possible to achieve all of these applications in one single pass through the machine. (EDGE CELL series) Editable materials are: stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, messing and other materials.


The TS-series offer the solution is case of optimal quality requirements. We are aware that different applications require a specific approach. For this reason, the wider range of de-burring and finishing machines is available in many different configurations for de-burring, edge rounding or surface finishing machines. Deal efficiently with time and energy and reduce all these application to one single process by combining operations in one machine. The most complete configuration allows de-burring, edge rounding and surface finishing in one machine. i.e. EDGE CELL series.

Which operations?

De-burring solutions for almost every flat part. With the right configuration we can de-burr sheet metal, round edges, break sharp edges, remove oxide, remove slag and produce a surface finish. Several of these applications can be combined in one machine.

The abrasive belt head (K)

The TS-series is available in 2 working widths: 1060 and 1330 mm. The abrasive belt head is standard equipped with electronic/pneumatical belt tracking which keeps the belt running in place. The ridged constructed aggregate gives a perfect surface finish and de-burring results. Removing a big burr is no problem for the VG – TS. The contact roller is height adjustable to allow various belt thicknesses.

The top brush System (4PTB)

The top brush head is the TS series, is equipped with 4 brushes. 2 Brushes run clockwise, and 2 brushes run counterclockwise. The multi rotational brushes are separately adjustable in height. The brushes oscillate and have an adjustable stroke covering the entire working width of the machine.  The stroke length can be adjusted for different scratch patterns and pat sizes. A correct setting of parameters such as feed speed, brush speed and oscillating stroke, guarantees a perfect uniform edge rounding. The brushes are intuitive, easy exchangeable and simple to set for the right pressure. A combination of different brushes in a row can achieve a result in one single pass.

Cylindrical brush

A cylindrical brush is often used to create a nice surface finish. The sheet metal edges are smoothened, especially when the brush oscillates. The oscillation can be turned on or off. When oscillating, the brush creates a short scratch, without oscillation a long scratch appears. (hairline finish).

Holding parts on the conveyor belt

The TS series of VG can be equipped with a vacuum table or a magnetic track. This makes it possible to work small steel parts or non-ferro parts. The conveyor belt has a high friction top layer for optimum holding of parts when working. This also helps a problem free transport of larger thin parts. The belt is oil- and spark resistant for a long lifespan.