A300 series

  • Finishing - straight grain finish
  • Controlled roughness
  • Deburring
The wet grinding solution for deburring and finishing of rectangular tubes and flat bars. Suitable for processing: stainless steel, aluminium, copper, mild steel ect.  


The width of the grinding belt is 300 mm.

The belt length is 1900 mm. By an oscillating system we can keep the belt on track.

The contact roller can easily be replaced by SB barrel brush. That means every head can work with a grinding belt or a SB brush.

Along the application we can use a softer or a hard contact roller.

What can we do

Removing vertical burrs, pre-grinding, high class finish, graining.

In one pass we can do pre-grinding, grinding and finishing (on a machine that is configurated with several heads) on rectangular tubes, flat bars and flat parts.

Wet and dry zone

The machine is build with the 2 zone principle. We have a dry zone and a wet zone.

In the dry zone are bearings, pneumatic parts, electrical parts, oscillating system, etc.

The wet zone is mainly build with stainless steel parts.

In the wet part of the machine the parts and grinding belt are constant sprayed. In this way we have the components and the belt washed. Also we can keep the temperature low in the parts.

Coolant filter and recirculation pump

The coolant water circulates between the grinding machine and filter device. The coolant is filtered by filterpaper.

Drying of the components

Before coming out the parts are dried. The parts goes through squeezing roller and airdryer tubes.