Edge Master

  • Kantenverrunden
  • Oxid vom Laser oder Walzhaut entfernen
  • Metallschlacke entfernen
  • Entgraten
The ultimate solution for deburring and rounding sharp edges of sheet metal with high precision and speed. With its unique features, this machine offers unmatched performance and versatility.


Technically Underpinned for Your Success

At VG Machines, we have specialised in providing high-quality metalworking solutions. The Edge Master is the result of our commitment to innovation and providing the best possible tools for your craftsmanship.

We understand that precision and efficiency are crucial in your daily operations. That is why we have designed The Edge Master with the latest technologies and materials to meet the high demands of modern metalworking.

What operations?

Multiple Operations in one Passage
Deburring, rounding, oxide removal, metal slag removal, and more, all in one operation for time-saving and efficiency.

The grinding belt (K)

Targeted grinding on hard burrs without damaging the workpiece surface. Precise depth and pressure control ensure optimal machining.

Easy tool change
Save valuable time thanks to the quick and easy exchange of both TopBrushes and grinding belt. A complete change of grinding belt and brush within 5 min.

The TopBrush system (4PTB)

Mount different types of brushes on the TopBrush System, allowing you to perform multiple operations at the same time. For example, combine an oxide removal brush with an edge rounding brush for maximum versatility. Due to the oscillation of the TopBrushes, there is always an even wear of the brushes.

Height and Speed Adjustment per brush row
Adjust the height of each brush for optimum machining and control the speed per row for precise control.

Large radius possible thanks to stable construction
Achieve perfectly rounded sheet metal edges with a stable construction that guarantees optimum radius.

The conveyor belt

Working width: 1060 mm
Efficient processing of large sheet metal parts for fast production cycles and maximum productivity.

Fast throughput: edge rounding at 4 m/min
Fast deburring and rounding of sharp edges without compromising finished product quality.

The touch screen

Operator-friendly control using the touchscreen. Intuitive operation with possibility of saving preset programmes for more efficient working.